Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bobby Pin Bow Tie

Bobbypin Bowties

Bow ties are NOT a new idea and I'm not taking any kind of credit for "inventing" them. But I was unable to find a cute bow tie pattern for a toy monster I was knitting, so I re-vented it.(As Elizabeth Zimmermann would say) 

Happy Knitting :)


Gauge isn't important. Use the yarn/needle that gives you a good density.

Helpful Videos
-Magic Loop:
-Judy's Magic Cast On:
-Kitchener's stitch

Sample was made with a 3.25mm  (3US) Magic Loop and Sport weight yarn.

Body of Bow tie
1) Cast on 9 stitches/needle using the Magic Cast On. (18 sts total)

-or however tall you wish your bow tie to be-

2) Knit for 23 rows (or however wide you wish your bow tie to be)

3) Kitchener bind off and sew in ends.

Choose a "good" side and put that face down.

1) Pick up 3 stitches from the center of the bow tie back.

2) Make an I cord long enough to fit snugly around the bow tie.

3) Flip bow tie over to Right side (non i-cord side) Pinch in center and bring both sides to center. Wrap i-cord around center of Bow tie and flip the whole thing over to the i-cord side again. (don't let go, it's very fidgety right now)

4) Cut Yarn and thread tapestry needle. Pass needle through base of i-cord and first stitch. Drop first stitch off of needle. Pass needle through base of the i-cord and second stitch. Drop second stitch off. Continue with third stitch. When all stitches are off of needle, secure the yarn end  and trim extra.

(back of bow tie after stitches are sewn to the base of the i-cord)

5) Insert Bobby pin or Clip.

6) Teach your friends how to make one (Because they ARE going to try and take it out of your hair!)

Any questions? If so, please feel free to ask.
Love, Ang

This prototype was crafted with sock yarn and a 2.5mm needle.